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Actual Title Buttons 6.4

Actual Title Buttons Editor's Review

Take control of your desktop windows. That's how I think a summary about this software should begin. Actual Title Buttons enables you to minimize windows to tray, apply transparency, make them always stay on top, roll them up. Icons are added in the title bar of every window, allowing you to perform all these tasks and more.

It's also possible to set the priority of any application using the buttons that appear on the title bar. If you do this, you should be careful, because setting a too big priority may cause instability. I use this feature, for example, when converting video files. I set a bigger priority in order to finish the job faster, and it works very well.

The standard 'minimize', 'restore', and 'close' buttons remain on their usual place on each window's title bar. The application adds the extra buttons next to the usual ones. Another nice thing about this software is the fact that it allows you to define the buttons you want on each window by adding special rules.

Pluses: I tried using the program along with the Windows Classic Theme. The buttons were changed, to fit the normal (Windows 98) appearance of my desktop.

Drawbacks / flaws: Skinned windows don't look very nice when the program is started. However, you can remove the buttons from the titlebar of such windows.

In conclusion: Actual Title Buttons can help you use your desktop better. I like this application.

version reviewed: 5.0

What's Required in Version 6.4 of Actual Title Buttons

P-III 600+ CPU, 128+ Mb RAM, 10+ Mb free space on HDD

What's New in Version 6.4 of Actual Title Buttons

1) Custom hotkeys with adjustable parameters. 2) Buttons' look in Aero improved. 3) Back up/restore configuration. 4) Undo/Redo commands in Configuration window. 5) Customizable key combination to suspend window snapping. 6) Disable inactive windows' scrolling for specific windows.

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